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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  September 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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also to protect the hundreds of thousands who have a ticket to see him. >> my very first impression is i can't believe that they did all this. you know, that it's a lot to accomplish just for a visit. >> reporter: across the street, teddy roosevelt was given a quick shower outside the museum of natural history to make him shine a little brighter. >> last minute preparations taking place with security becoming even more intense, and strict no parking zones in effect, many who make their living driving all around new york will be working on thursday and friday, worry what traffic will be like. >> might not like it, but how do you deal with that? >> reporter: the places the pope will visit are surrounded by barricades in cones. >> it doesn't look great, but i understand it for safety reasons, for sure. >> reporter: and here's another live look at this very tall fence. just a little while ago, we actually saw even more materials far chain link fence being
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brought here into central park. and you see of the traffic here that transfers roads. they're getting a green light here. enjoying the traffic while it will lasts here because this area for drivers at least it'll billion closed off on friday. back to you, shiba. >> thank you. we'll try to enjoy the traffic. the street closures are going to affect a lot of people. how will you get around town the rest of the week? lauren skou cala is here. >> they do, and those street closures, even though he doesn't get in, those street closures begin tonight, thursday night at midnight and will run until 9:00 p.m., some in midtown, first to go down are the ones out by st. patrick's cathedral. as the morning goes on, we'll have more and more, then the upper east side as well beginning at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. a lot of lead time with the street closures, in fact on our website, we have it broken down by day and time so you can find that
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about 25 minutes, i'll be doing a facebook chat on the facebook page. you can ask me all kinds of questions, a lot of people want to know how kids can get to school, what's going to happen at penn station with the trains, i have many answers for you, hopefully all of them, but we will be here to help you get through it. it's just two days and we will be doing okay. back to you, shiba. >> thank you. and we'll have live coverage of pope francis's visit all week long. you can always check out the street closures in the special section dedicated to the pope. you'll also find his complete itinerary and everything else you need to know, just head to nbc new another big story today, the loss of new york baseball legend yogi berra. the hall of fame catcher known as much for his clever catch phrases as his unmatched ten world series championships with the yankees, died overnight. john chandler joins us with a look back at his legacy. >> that's what we do, what a
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wonderful man. 18 seasons in the bronx. no catcher in baseball drove in more runs. great catcher and a great quote. i never said half the things i said, but some of the things he did say were so popular that the catcher became a pitch man in commercials after baseball. one of his lines, give you cash which is as good as money. today, we're all richer because of yogi. >> reporter: he was born lawrence peter berra in 1925. but he was soon known to everyone as yogi. a childhood friend gave him the nickname saying the young berra resimilarabled a holy man. he was revere by yankees fans who appreciated his humble, hard-working style. he dropped out of school in the eighth grade to help support his family and signed with the yankees in 1942 for $500. during world war ii, he joined the u.s. navy, a gunners mate during the d day invasion. and back home, he glued together a line-up of legends. he was no slouch at the plate either. he led the glanks rbi for seven
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straight seasons, and hit at least 20 homers in ten straight seasons. a three-time mvp, and a 13-time world series champion as a player, coach, and manager. berra was even behind the plate for don larson's perfect game in 1956. and the catcher was also behind some of the baseball's most memorable catch phrases. baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical. it's de ja vu all over again, and of course -- >> it's not over until it's over, kid. >> reporter: though he was elected into the hall of fame 1972ing with the player may be underestimated, the character will forever be appreciated. and remembrances are pouring in now this morning and early this afternoon from derek jeter, to me he was a dear friend and mentor, he will always be remembered for his success on the field, but i believe his finest quality was how he treated everyone with sincerity and kindness. that sentiment being echoed by joe tori who was of course the
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manager, calls him a lovable friend and hal, yogi berra was a national treasures. the yankees will wear number eight on their left jersey sleeve in toronto. the mets will hold a moment of silence. he was of course a manager with the mets and yankees. he had a long career after, a great career, hall of fame career as a baseball player, but so often that gets overlooked because he had so many memorable catch phrases. >> touched so many. thank you. well from the fans to the players, the tributes are pouring in. people are also showing up at the yoe by berra museum and learning center in new jersey. michael george is there, michael. >> reporter: well shiba, he was more than just a great baseball player, he was beloved on and off the field. fans have been coming here all morning to leave flowers at the statue outside his museum. tribute to one of the most influential players of all time. >> yogi blasts sails over the fence and the yanks are off and running. >> reporter: for fans, there'll
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never be another like him. >> he was a real guy. i mean, so many ballplayers, egos, yogi was just a guy. he was just an average guy web and that's what made his just so lovable. >> reporter: fans have been coming to pay their respects at the yoe by berra museum in little falls. many sharing personal stories. michelle was yogi's dry cleaner. what was it like face to face? >> a sweetheart. a really sweet, kind man. very loving, very caring. >> the world has lost a marvelous human being. hour thoughts and prayers with the family at this point in time. >> reporter: the berra family released a statement saying quoting with while we mourn the loss of father, grandfather, and great grandfather, he's at peace with mom. we are thankful he meant so much to many. he will truly be missed. fans cheered his greatness on the field, but they also loved his yogiisms. those funny, but wise sayings that became his hallmark. fans have been tweeting their favorites like, love is the most
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important thing in the world, but baseball's pretty good too. and yogi's most famous, it ain't until it's over. tim once asked him about yogiisms on meet the press. >> when you come to a fork in the road -- >> take it. >> we have to sit back home, we had one, that's why i said take it. >> half the things i said, i never said. >> oh boy. you know, i'll tell you the truth, tim, i don't know i say these things, i really don't. >> reporter: and that was yogi in a nutshell. now in his later years, he still kept working, in fact he became an advocate for the inclusion of gay and transgender athletes in sports. outside the yogi berra museum in little falls, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thank you, and to read more about his life and legacy, just headed to our website nbc new we've also posted a photo gallery of yogi through the years. and coming up here on news 4 new york at noon, ceo is out. the latest fallout from the emissions scandal.
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plus chris is here with your forecast on this first day of autumn. >> day one, looking good, shiba, temperatures in the 70s to near 80 with sunshine. will it last for the papal visit? we'll have that and the rest of the seven day forecast when we come right back. stay with us. wow, time warner cable really upgraded their network. 300 meg internet, clearer picture. i know, we get almost 20,000 movies and shows on demand. our new dvr records six shows at once. why didn't we switch sooner? right? everything's better. [bad violin playing] well, almost everything. we're making things better. enhanced dvr, nearly 20,000 on demand titles, and up to 300 meg internet. including free wifi at home and on the go. switch today and ask how you could get a $300 reward card.
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very soon mayor de blasio and cardinal dolan should announce a joint effort to house the homeless. the shelter in the bronx on tuesday, just yesterday, police commissioner bill bratton targeted the homeless problem in harlem, east harlem. he's sending 38 police officers to patrol the area around 125th street. residents there complain about the homeless, a couple of methadone clinics, and the dangerous drug k2, all issues
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>> there's a lot of was being distributed there. and that also was a significant factor of attractiveness of not only the methadone clinic, but eventually very easily by the k2s. >> officers in the new harlem patrol unit will get special training, learn how to deal with peddler enforcement and crisis intervention. new at noon, volkswagen ceo is stepping down over an emissions scandal. martin wintercorn announced his own resignation. in a statement, he said he took responsibility for the irregularity us found in diesel engines, but not aware of any wrong doing on my part, his words. no replacement announced just yet. in the money report, it is the first day of fall, but is the lay day craze already starting to fade? with that story and a check on the markets, let's check in with bill griffith, seems early.
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>> uh, yes, it is, but wait until you hear the statistic, i'm going to tell you here. by the way, vw's contract with tomorrow. so it's not a huge surprise he would be stepping down. he probably wouldn't be asked to come back anyway. we have a selloff on wall street right now, shiba, even though we had good news on husing this morning, mortgage applications last week were up a whooping 13.9% because of a dip in interest rates, but that's not helping the stock market. the dow is down over 100 points right now. companies are trying to attract day. unlimited vacation time, expanded plannal leave, and now there's this, price water house koopers is going to offer employees, help them pay for their student loans. starting next year. those employees who were qualified for this will receive
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for up to six years, to help them pay those student loans. the average student loan tab these days is a about $35,000. so this is a nice perk, and we'll see if other companies follow suit. so yes, here we are, the first full day of fall, and a person thoughts inevitably turn to pumpkin lattes, but for how long as shiba asked? a new study by npd group says that 72% of consumers who buy a pumpkin latte only buy one. another 20% only buy two, it's that remaining 8% who buy three or more. but it's not all bad news for the companies and businesses that sell these things, npd says that the average check for customers who buy a pumpkin latte at starbucks or elsewhere is $7.81, for those who don't buy one, the average check is $6.67. so i guess, you know, we pay a lot of lip service to the pumpkin latte. it sounds so good, but it is so rich, and i guess one is enough
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for most people. how about you? >> i keep thinking, bill, that it's the first day of fall. isn't it, didn't people just get their hands on the pumpkin latte? >> yes. well this was based on a survey from last year. >> oh. >> this is what people bought last year. >> oh. all right. so we have plenty of time to drink up. >> yeah. have another, have a second one, on us. >> why not? >> only 1400 calories each, don't worry. >> we're wearing sweaters, who's going to see it? >> that's the game plan, stick with it, girl. so first day of fall, and it's warming up. >> very nice actually. heading close to the upper 70s to near 80 before the someday through which is above normal again. and will be tomorrow. then we'll see the temperatures slip down just a little bit towards the weekend, but day one of autumn came in early this morning, little after 4:00 a.m. in fine shape. it's bright, sunny, comfortable out there. 73 degrees, current temperatures. weather headlines pointing out just that, beautiful start to the new season. nice weather for the pope visit as well. right now looks like the weekend is going to stay dry.
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may get rain sunday, it's going to miss us. in terms of september so far, this has been by far the warmest on record, average temperatures, 76.2 dreesz, almost three degrees warmer than the next closest on record, and what does the forecast look like for the next six to 14 days? long range forecast has the city, in the tri-state area in well above average temperatures and 80% chance of that. so we may very well turn out seeing this being the warmest september on record in central park. upper 60s to low 70s, 70s, 74 bridgewater, and 76 right now. the the city jumped to 73. most of long island, low 70s through hudson valley, probably tag on another five to eight degrees to them for the high. clear skies, lots of blue sky, the clouds off to the south and east, good shape, we're going to stay that way throughout the afternoon. for the pope as he lands tomorrow, at jfk, at about 5:00, beautiful conditions. 77 degrees, looking good. heading over to st. patrick's a little bit later on into the tomorrow. 74, partly cloudy sky and
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itinerary and the weather for friday, united nations at 8:30, cool and 63 degrees, not bad. 9/11 memorial, partly sunny, about 70. comfortable. and work to the evening again, about 74 degrees in central park, very nice, temperatures in the low 70s with that low humidity continuing. nice weather continues into the weekend, breezy one 74 on saturday with a mix of clouds and sun. we remove the rain chance for sunday. looks like it stays off in the low 70s, then by monday and tuesday of next week, we warm it back up again into the upper 70s. this is a nice-looking seven-day forecast. can't argue. >> i approve, thank you. new york live is next at 12:30, here are sarah and jackie with what's ahead. >> hey, coming up here, prepares for tomorrow's visit from the pope. and checks in with a very familiar face for a traffic report you need to see. >> oh yeah. and the broadway revival gates unique twist. we are talking to emmy-winning actress kendra about her challenging new role. and now wolf is here as well at 12:30. >> looks like a good one,
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after sean penn is suing the co-creator of empire for defamation, last week lee daniels made a comment about domestic violence, allegations against his show star terrence howard. online daniel said howard hadn't done anything different than sean penn had done. the lawsuit claims that they were e greenls and injured his reputation. daniels has not been reached for comment. we'll soon start hearing the song "happy birthday" in more tv shows, movies, even in restaurants, that's because a federal judge ruled the song is now part of public domain. lawyers in the case may decide to file a class action lawsuit against the publishing company that charged a royalty fee to use it. in some cases it costs up to $30,000 to use it on tv or in a movie.
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we to want take another live look inside st. matthews cathedral in washington, d.c. pope francis leading a prayer service with bishops from around the country. his next big event is a mass at 4:00 today. at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. david ushery is there and he'll
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have live reports at 5:00. also tonight at 5:00 is the holy father elevates a missionary to sainthood this afternoon. why it's causing so much controversy, we'll have that and much more tonight at 5:00. for breaking news and weather updates any time, anywhere, log on to nbc new or our mobile app. "new york live" is up next, have
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hey everyone, thanks for tuning into new york live, welcome to the first official day of fall. it's here. >> and in honor, i have sleeves on today. >> yes. oh, honor of fall. this is when the day and night are perfectly equal. it's also the day before the pope arrives. not related in any way, but --
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>> all right. well coming up, ben aaron is break down what the big visit means for new yorkers, especially when it comes to traffic because that's what everyone is talking about. >> everyone. >> pay attention to this. >> yeah. and she's starring in a bold new take of broadway awakenings. cameron is here, we're so excited to have her here. what makes this revival so different. but first, the world lost a huge new york icon yesterday, former yankee great yoe by berra passed away. >> folks are remembering n only his contributions on the field as an incredibre catcher and hitter, but also his amazing one-liners, referred to as "yogiisms." >> m it ain't ver until it's over. and it's like day va view all over again. and when talking about getting some rest, he faumsly said, i usually take a two hour nap from 00 to 4:00.
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>> i love it when he used to say, if you see a fork in the road, take it. >> so lovable. so many people will miss him. people think about the yogiisms so much, those who knew him later in his life, and don't remember what a great year he had, 21 world series as a player, coach, or manager, this man attended or was a part of. >> he has a career that, you know, is paralleled. >> definitely. >> not many people can say he accomplished what he has. >> do you have a favorite yogi quote, share it on facebook over twitter, we'd love to hear you. just a favorite moment in his career. anythingasou have to share, share it with us. well they are pretty much two things everyone in new york is talking about right now, pizza rat and the pope. >> i would think the latter more than anything else. >> you think? >> i would hope so. pope francis is coming to the big apple tomorrow. what can we expect from his visit? ben aaron has the traffic report. >> if you're in the city right now, get out.
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flee to a place where cars don't exist. like fire island or amish country, for this week will be filled with more traffic than anyone had ever seen. luckily, it will be blessed. yes, when you're d ving around this week and say to yourself, holy traffic, you'll be absolutely right. as pope francis arrives in our fair city. pope francis coming to new york,buso exciting. i would like to welcome you in your native language. hello pope francis. welcome to new york. so many things to do in new york. great food, central park blood pressure inaudible ] [ inaudible ] . we have churches too. >> gracias. >> what is pope francis actually doing here?
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he'll be visiting the 9/11 memorial.
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